Skarleth, where it all began...

I’m crazy for hexis! Last March, I had a 13 year old Honduran girl from the slums ask me how she could make 125 Lempiras. The equivalent of $5. I racked my brain and came up with the idea of her making hexagons for me. (One of my goals while in Honduras is to make a wedding quilt for each one of my 8 children.) In a weeks time she came to me with 500 hexagons and I paid her 250 Lempiras, $10. She had worked so hard and cut down my quilt making time exponentially. The next day her mother asked me if she could make hexis “¿Puedo hacer hexágonos también?” That’s where the idea of making quilt kits came to fruition. Here are two of their beautiful quilts along with some quilt kits that were packaged and ready to send to the states!

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