How We Use Donations

How Are Donations Used?

100% of your money goes back to helping the women and children in Honduras.  If you make a donation for a certain item then that money goes to  supporting our makers and keep them working.  Many of our items listed on our website are made at different levels of cost.  Here is what is included in determining the cost of an item:

Item Size Or Time to Make: Each item takes different lengths of time to make.  This is usually determined by how many hexagons are used and/or the difficulty of the design.  Therefore, our Makers are paid different amounts for different projects.  

Materials; many materials are donated but sometimes we need to purchase items like paper, hexagon cutters, needles, thread, scissors, and sometimes fabric. (though most fabric is donated).

Quilt Finish;  We use a local Honduran woman to quit all of our quilts and make any of our other finished projects like table runners, face masks, or bags.  This pricing is very low because it is done in country and it also helps support other women in Honduras.

Shipping; Total cost of shipping donated material to Honduras and finished items back to the states is divided up by weight of each item.  Some people ask if it is cheaper to just buy the material in Honduras rather than having it donated and then shipping it down and at this point it is not.  Shipping free fabric is more cost efficient and gives us much more variety and quality.

Packaging; Each item is individually packaged when it arrives to the states.  We buy our bags and boxes in bulk to save on costs  

All Over Head fees; such as listing the items, web design, quilt design, kit packaging, shipping, and anything else you could think of is all provided by donated service hours.  

When You Make a Donation Without receiving a quilt or kit, 100% of that money goes back to improving the lives of our women and their families.  This money is not "earned" by the women and is t100% ax deductible for the donator.  We use these donations to help build homes, supplement the diets of our women and children with fruits, vegetables, and meat.  We also use these funds to help with unexpected costs of medical needs and natural disasters.  Not all of these funds go back to our Makers.  Much of the donations do, but some have been given to family members of our Makers to help relieve the anxiety of our Makers, and help other people of Honduras.