What We Do

At One Common Thread, we are about empowering women in Central America, specifically Honduras.  We give women the opportunity to work and earn an income and other needed items.  Here at One Common Thread we believe in the importance of developing self worth by working to improve our living conditions.  When there is sacrifice and work our women feel better about themselves, and what they have accomplished and earned.   

Many of the women we help only have a 6th grade education.  We teach them the specialized skill of sewing.  This skill helps them to provide for their families in a meaningful way. Our women learn the craft of English Paper Piecing (EPP) to make basted hexagons by hand.  We then assemble those hexagons into kits or quilts.  

Each hexagon is hand-stitched by one of the women living in a Honduran "Bordo" (slum). The women are paid per hexagon, so the challenge to produce is motivating. Even better, they can stay home with their children, purchase food, and take care of their families while sewing hexagons.

Once enough hexagons are constructed and sewn, they are packaged into kits or quilts and brought to the United States as a gift for donation. Kit and quilt donations allow us to create sustainable funding to provide for many women in need. We hope to expand our efforts to others parts of the world. 

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