What We Do

At OneCommonThread.org, we teach many women in Honduras the specialized skill and love of sewing small hexagons. The process is rather simple and easy to teach. These skills help them to provide for their families in a meaningful way. The finished hexagons are used to assemble our one-of-a-kind, quilt-making kits.

Each kit sold is a product hand-stitched by one of the women living in a Honduran "Bordo" (slum). The women are paid per hexagon, so the challenge to produce is motivating. Even better, they can stay home with their children, purchase groceries and take care of their families while sewing hexagons on the side.

Once enough hexagons are constructed and sewn, they are packaged into kits and brought to the United States for sale all over the world. Kit sales allow us to create sustainable funding to hire many women in need. We hope to expand our efforts to others parts of the world.

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