Quilt Designs For Kits

These are many of the designs that we use for our quilts. 

If you are interested in putting together a kit for our women to make with your scraps and then donate, that would be great!  These designs vary in size and colors. 

Remember, with the low lighting that many of our women sew in, we try and make the designs very colorful so the women can differentiate the colors when sewing the designs. However, this is more of a paint by numbers process. So just because a color is shown as green on the design, it might look much better as "red" to coordinate with the fabrics you are putting together for the quilt kit.  Also we usually allocate 1 yard of fabric for each 200, 3" x 3" squares.  

We also offer tutorials on how to put together quilt kits on our YouTube channel, "One Common Thread Quilts". We have links to these videos under our "Tutorial" section on this website. 

Thank you so much for having a desire to help our women change their lives.  Your efforts make it possible for us to give more women the opportunity to sew.