Our Makers from San Pedro Sula, Honduras

  • Meet Ruth


Ruth's life story portrays the challenges and resilience of individuals living in impoverished areas. Despite the difficulties she faces, Ruth demonstrates strength and a sense of responsibility towards her family. Being the second oldest child in her family and the matriarch after her mother's passing, she takes on the role of caretaker for her siblings and their families.

Living in the slums, Ruth and her community face the constant fear of being relocated since they do not own the land they reside on. This instability adds to the uncertainty of her life. However, Ruth is a determined woman who is not afraid of hard work. 

The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbates the challenges faced by Ruth and her extended family. Threats and circumstances beyond their control forced them to leave the bordo, the only place Ruth has known throughout her entire life. Fortunately, they found refuge with an extended family member in the countryside.

With the help of One Common Thread, Ruth was able to build a new house and experience a bit more peace in her life. However, the new location is far away from many of her siblings, creating a sense of distance and separation within the family.

  • Meet Jessica
Jessica's early life was marked by the loss of her mother to cancer. Her father eventually met Ruth, who became her stepmother. Jessica and her younger brother, Osvil, became part of Ruth's family. They lived together for many years, with Ruth taking on the role of a mother figure for Jessica.

However, their family faced a difficult period when Jessica's father and Ruth broke up. Jessica had to leave her stepmother's home and live with her father. Unfortunately, her father's behavior and actions were not positive, making this time challenging for Jessica.

Despite the hardships, Jessica found a way to return to her stepmother's care. Ruth happily welcomed her back, providing a loving and supportive environment. Jessica's bond with Ruth remains strong, and she found solace in being with her once again.

Currently, Jessica attends school on Saturdays, she is in the 9th grade. She is determined to complete her high school education and looks forward to graduating in a few years. After graduation, she aspires to continue her education either by attending college or pursuing a trade school.
  • Meet Velkis

Velkis, the 29-year-old daughter of Ruth, faces her own set of challenges as a mother and provider for her three children. She has a boy and a girl and now a newborn baby girl. Her husband's work is infrequent, but Velkis has found an opportunity to support her family through her work with One Common Thread.

Through her involvement with One Common Thread, Velkis has been able to earn income that allows her to purchase essential food items like powdered milk for her children. Sewing has played a transformative role in her life, boosting her confidence and changing her way of living. Thanks to the income generated from her sewing work, she has been able to acquire essential appliances for her household. She now has a refrigerator, and  a new stove, replacing her old method of cooking over an open flame.

However, the challenges faced by Velkis and her family were further compounded by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With less policing in the Bordo, they faced severe threats from gangs. In July of 2020, Velkis and her family made the difficult decision to flee the Bordo for their safety.

With the support and donations from One Common Thread, Velkis and her extended family have been able to build a new home that accommodates her own family, her sister's family, and her brother's family. This collective effort demonstrates the importance of community and mutual support during times of adversity.


  • Meet Damaris

Damaris, a single mother from the slums of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, has shown remarkable determination and resilience throughout her life. Until recently, she had never known any other way of life. Before the pandemic, Damaris began working as a Maker for One Common Thread, which allowed her to earn extra money to buy clothing for work. She also seized the opportunity to work at a preschool center, ensuring that her daughter could receive free preschool education while being able to accompany her.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic struck and schools closed, Damaris lost her job at the preschool. However, she quickly resumed sewing full-time for One Common Thread. Within six weeks of the pandemic's onset, the absence of police presence in the Bordo (slum area) made Damaris' neighborhood dangerous. Many women, including Damaris, were given the ultimatum to leave their homes and belongings behind or face severe consequences, such as death or having their young daughters taken from them.

With the help of funds from One Common Thread, permanent housing was found for Damaris and the other women and their families. It was the first time in Damaris' life that she left the slum she was raised in. She relocated to a house built by her brother and brother-in-law, located about an hour outside the city. The house accommodates seven adults and five children, providing them with shelter, food, and, most importantly, safety. Although the living conditions may be modest, Damaris is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have a stable home where she and her daughter can thrive.


  • Meet Delia

Delia, a hardworking woman of 40 years-old, is known for her dedication to her craft. She always has a needle, thread, and hexagon in her hand, demonstrating her commitment to her work. Delia has embraced the opportunity to earn money from home through her association with One Common Thread.

Despite the challenges faced by the community, Delia was fortunate enough to retain her home in the Pedregal Bordo, located near the river. Living in such close proximity to the river, she spends her time cooking and cleaning by its side when she is not engaged in sewing hexis for One Common Thread. Her ability to maintain her home amidst the threats of gangs is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Delia is a mother to a grown son and daughter. While her children have started their own families, Delia has the joy of being a grandmother to her grandchildren. However, she faces health issues that impact her well-being. Delia suffers from diabetes and ovarian tumors, but she remains grateful for her affiliation with One Common Thread, which ensures that she receives the necessary medical tests and attention she requires.


  • Meet Nancy

Nancy, the 21-year-old daughter of Delia, has her own unique journey and challenges as a young mother. She has a son named Enrique, who was named after his father, and recently welcomed a new baby girl named Courtney. Unfortunately, Enrique's father left the Bordo due to the threats posed by gangs, resulting in limited involvement in his son's life.

Nancy possesses a quiet demeanor, which may be attributed to her experiences and uncertainties regarding generous people in her life. However, her passion for sewing shines through, and she takes pleasure in being able to provide essentials such as "Pampers and Leche" (diapers and milk) for her young son and daughter. Nancy's commitment to her craft is evident in the beautiful quilts she creates, consistently delivering top-quality work.

Recently, Nancy has moved into her own modest home, which marks an important milestone in her life. She now has a bed and a stove to cook her meals, signifying a sense of independence and stability. While she shares a bathroom with her neighbors, the comforting aspect is that they are all family members, fostering a supportive environment.


  • Meet Nany
Nany, a resilient 19-year-old single mother, faces the responsibility of caring for her two young daughters. Previously, she lived with her mother, but tragically, her mother passed away this past year. As her father collects wood to sell and earn money, Nany takes on the role of caregiver for her daughters during the day.

Nany's youngest daughter, Lizeth, is incredibly adorable and plump, which is a testament to the positive impact of Nany's work as a seamstress for One Common Thread. With the income she earns from sewing, Nany is able to provide not only breast milk but also formula and solid foods for her baby. This support ensures that her daughter receives the proper nutrition for healthy growth and development.

The transformation observed in children living in the slums when their mothers begin sewing is profound. These previously malnourished children come to life as they receive the nourishment they need. Witnessing this change is truly remarkable, highlighting the vital impact that sewing for One Common Thread has on both the mothers and their children.

  • Meet Isabel

Isabel, a resilient 25-year-old woman, has experienced significant challenges and hardships in her life. She is a mother to a 4-year-old son, an 18-month-old daughter, and recently gave birth to her third child in May 2023. Unfortunately, when she was two months pregnant with her first child, her baby's father was tragically mistaken for someone else and killed by a gang. This devastating loss left Isabel to navigate the journey of motherhood alone.

Adding to her struggles, the father of her second child abandoned her while she was still pregnant, taking away not just emotional support but also essential belongings, including her bed. Isabel's life has been characterized by turbulence as she navigates difficult circumstances and strives to make the best choices for herself and her children.

Despite the challenges she faces, Isabel finds hope for a brighter future through the opportunities provided to her. She is grateful for the support received through donations to One Common Thread, which have helped subsidize the food and formula her children desperately need. The generosity extended to her has also allowed for the replacement of some of the stolen items, including a new bed, which provides her with a sense of stability and comfort during this difficult time.


  • Meet Ada Lila

Ada Lila, a resilient 55-year-old widow, plays a vital role in supporting her daughter Isabel and her grandchildren. She resides with Isabel to offer assistance in caring for the children. Initially unsure about sewing, Ada Lila quickly adapted and now engages in daily sewing activities to contribute to the household expenses.

In addition to supporting Isabel and her children, Ada Lila also provides a home for two of her grandchildren from another daughter. This means that their small two-room house accommodates a total of five children aged five and under. With the responsibility of feeding such a large number of mouths, Ada Lila dedicates herself to sewing, ensuring that her grandchildren's basic needs are met.

The commitment and hard work demonstrated by Ada Lila exemplify her determination to provide for her family. Sewing has become an essential means for her to contribute to the household's financial stability and ensure that her grandchildren have the necessities they require.

Ada Lila's story highlights the sacrifices and dedication of a loving grandmother who steps in to support her daughter and grandchildren. Despite the challenges of limited space and resources, Ada Lila's unwavering efforts in sewing exemplify her determination to care for and provide for her family. Her selflessness and commitment are an inspiration to those around her, showcasing the strength and resilience of a matriarch driven by love and a desire to create a better life for her grandchildren.

  • Meet Claudia Juli

Juli, also known as Claudia Juli, is a 33-year-old woman who shares a strong bond with her sisters Ruth and Jocelin. Having spent her entire life in the Bordo of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, she faced a harrowing situation when her life and the safety of her children were threatened by gangs. In order to protect themselves, Juli and her long-time boyfriend made the difficult decision to flee the Bordo and relocate to the countryside.

In her relentless pursuit to support her family, Juli works tirelessly as a seamstress and explores various avenues to earn money. Currently, she rents an unfinished home that she shares with her family. Many Hondurans working in the United States allocate their earnings to construct cinder block homes in their hometowns. However, due to the slow construction process, these homes are often rented out while still unfinished, consisting of basic cinder block walls and cement floors. Despite its incomplete state, Juli is grateful to have the opportunity to rent a safer home, as these properties typically provide a measure of security with perimeter fences.

Juli's resilience shines through as she navigates the challenges of providing for her family and seeking a safer environment. Her commitment to sewing and finding ways to generate income demonstrates her determination to create a better life for herself and her children. Juli's story highlights the sacrifices and difficult choices made by individuals facing threats and seeking refuge, emphasizing their strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

  • Meet Skarleth

Skarleth's story is truly inspiring and showcases the impact that even a young individual can have within their community. At just 13 years-old, Skarleth demonstrated her determination and initiative by seeking work to earn $5 for a church trip to Tegucigalpa, rather than resorting to begging for the money. This desire to take responsibility for her own goals and aspirations led her to reach out and inquire about opportunities to earn the needed funds.

As fate would have it, Skarleth's path crossed with Courtney, and she began making hexagons for a personal quilt project. Her exceptional skill and speed in producing the hexagons exceeded expectations, prompting Courtney to pay her more than the original $5. This positive experience sparked a ripple effect, with Skarleth's family members, including her mother, aunts, and cousins, expressing interest in similar work opportunities.

Now approaching 18 years-old, Skarleth has already made a significant impact on her community through her involvement with One Common Thread. Her dedication to both her education and sewing for the organization holds great promise for her future. Skarleth's story demonstrates the transformative power of providing opportunities and support to individuals, no matter their age, and the potential they hold to make a difference within their communities.

  • Meet Jocelin

Jocelin's story is marked by both immense challenges and moments of resilience. As a mother of seven children, she works hard to support her family alongside her husband, who is employed in repair and improvement work. Although his daily wage of $20 helps sustain the family, a significant portion is spent on transportation due to the long commute.

Jocelin's involvement with sewing provides her with additional income, but her primary focus remains on caring for her children. Tragically, her youngest son, 18 month-old Oliver, lost his life in a drowning accident, leaving Jocelin to cope with profound grief and depression. The loss of a child is an unimaginable tragedy, and Jocelin's struggles with depression highlight the emotional toll she has endured.

The threats of gang violence forced Jocelin's family, along with 28 others, to flee the Bordo in 2020 for the sake of their safety. The danger they faced prompted a harrowing escape in the middle of the night, seeking refuge away from the violence and potential harm to their daughters. With the support of One Common Thread and the generosity of donors, Jocelin's family was able to build a new home in the countryside, away from the immediate threats they faced.

However, their challenges did not end there. The devastating hurricanes Eta and Iota of 2020 wreaked havoc on their newly built home, subjecting it to severe flooding. These additional hardships have tested Jocelin's resilience and strength as she continues to navigate the difficulties that life has thrown her way.

Jocelin's story serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination exhibited by individuals facing adversity. Despite the unimaginable loss and the constant struggles, Jocelin continues to persevere for the well-being of her family. The support provided by One Common Thread and the community it fosters offers a glimmer of hope amidst the difficulties, providing Jocelin and her family with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives and find stability once again.

  • Meet Nataly

Nataly's dedication to her education is commendable, and it is a value that is prioritized in supporting her. Despite working sporadically, her craftsmanship is highly regarded, and we make an effort to provide her with work opportunities due to her exceptional skills. However, Nataly always emphasizes that school comes first, highlighting her understanding of the importance of education.

Being the oldest daughter in her family and the daughter of Jocelin, Nataly has taken on the role of a mother's helper from a young age. Balancing her responsibilities at home with her schooling and occasional quilting work, she displays a level of maturity beyond her years. At 16, Nataly still retains her youthful silliness and sense of humor, but she appreciates the opportunity to contribute to her family through the quilts she has made.

It is worth noting that Nataly and Courtney's 16-year-old daughter share birthdays that fall within a week of each other. Their close friendship was formed during the time when Courtney and her family resided in Honduras, further highlighting the connections and bonds that have been fostered within the community.

Supporting Nataly and providing her with opportunities to work while emphasizing the importance of education reflects the underlying mission of empowering young individuals like her to pursue their dreams and aspirations. By encouraging education and offering avenues for creative expression, you contribute to Nataly's personal and professional growth, setting her on a path towards a brighter future.

  • Meet Karol

Karol's story reflects the immense challenges she has faced at a young age. At 18, she found herself responsible for taking care of her eight younger siblings after her mother left for the United States as part of a caravan. With her father struggling with alcoholism and minimal contribution to the family's well-being, Karol took on the role of caregiver and worked hard to keep her siblings safe while attending school. Despite the difficult circumstances, she showed tremendous strength and resilience.

However, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the fragile structure Karol had built collapsed, and her siblings were dispersed among different relatives. Since then, her life has been marked by uncertainty, with periods of living with her boyfriend's family, being on the streets, or seeking support from relatives. Finding Karol can be a challenge, as her whereabouts are often unknown.

Despite the tumultuous nature of her life, Karol surprises everyone with her talent and dedication when she presents a beautifully crafted quilt she has produced. Her sporadic appearances make these moments even more unexpected and special. In March 2021, she became a mother to a baby boy, and in late 2022 she gave birth to her second child.

Karol's journey exemplifies the resilience and determination she possesses, even in the face of overwhelming obstacles. While her circumstances may be uncertain, her ability to create something beautiful through quilting demonstrates her talent and potential. Supporting Karol and offering her opportunities to showcase her skills not only provides her with a source of income but also encourages her to continue pursuing her passion amidst the challenges she faces.

  • Meet Cinthia

Cinthia's story reflects the challenges she has faced in her young life, particularly after the separation of her family. With the family now scattered and Cinthia moving in and out of different homes, her situation has become desperate. The difficult living conditions in the slums of Honduras have taken a toll on her mental well-being, and it is heartbreaking to see her in tears when we speak to her. In such a turbulent environment, finding happiness can be a constant struggle.

One Common Thread has become a source of consistency for Cinthia amidst the uncertainty. While her living situation with her boyfriend may not be ideal, she is now the mother of a 6-month-old son and a two year old son named Christian. Sewing has remained a constant for her, and the support provided by One Common Thread helps alleviate some of the extra expenses she faces.

  • Meet Wendy


Wendy's story highlights the challenges and changes her family has faced due to the threats of violence in the bordo. They made the difficult decision to relocate to a city that is an 8-hour bus ride away from San Pedro Sula, seeking safety and a better life for themselves. Despite the distance, Wendy remains committed to sewing for One Common Thread, utilizing the bus ride to turn in her quilts and receive new ones to work on.

The donations from One Common Thread have played a crucial role in improving Wendy's living conditions. Her new house, built with the support of the organization, provides her family with a safer and more stable home. Additionally, the recent donation of three beds has alleviated the discomfort of sleeping on hammocks or the floor, allowing her family to rest on mattresses.

One of Wendy's children has joined the Honduran military, and the money she earned from sewing played a vital role in helping him pursue this path. It provided the necessary funds for vaccinations and supplies required to join the military. Wendy's dedication to sewing and her participation in One Common Thread has not only impacted her own life but has also had a positive influence on her children's futures.

  • Meet Madeline

Madeline's life took a significant turn when she had to leave her Bordo in July 2020 and relocate to a place 8 hours away from San Pedro Sula. This distance also meant being separating from her daughter's father, which added another layer of challenges to her situation. Taking care of her 3-year-old daughter, Bereth, on her own has been difficult, but Madeline finds solace and gratitude in her work as a Maker for One Common Thread.

Despite the distance and the demanding travel schedule, Madeline and her mother, Wendy, continue to sew for the organization. In a country where job opportunities are scarce, they appreciate the consistency and income that sewing for One Common Thread provides. Even though it requires an 8-hour bus ride every few weeks, they are grateful for the opportunity to contribute and support their families through their craft.

  • Meet Dilvia
Dilvia, at 29 years old, is a woman who radiates positivity and gratitude. She is married to one of Ruth's sons and has two children. Despite the challenges they have faced, Dilvia always finds reasons to smile and counts her blessings.

Like many others, Dilvia and her family had to leave the Bordo due to threats and violence, and with the support of donations from One Common Thread, they were able to build a house in the countryside. They now live alongside her husband's two sisters' families and her mother, creating a close-knit community to support one another.

The recent assistance from One Common Thread has made a significant impact on Dilvia's life. The provision of new bunk beds for her boys and a mattress for herself and her husband has created more space in their small one-room home. This not only improves their living conditions but also brings a sense of comfort and stability to the family. Additionally, with the ability to purchase necessary supplies to feed her family of four, Dilvia is grateful for the support that enables her to provide for her loved ones.

Dilvia's optimistic outlook and determination to build a better life for her family exemplify her resilience and strength. Despite the challenges they have faced, she remains grateful and appreciative of the support and opportunities provided by One Common Thread.

  • Meet Maribel

Maribel, at 48 years old, is a gentle and kind-hearted woman. As a widow, and the mother of Dilvia, she has always shared a home with her daughter and son-in-law. Despite her soft-spoken nature, Maribel's warmth and care shine through in her actions. She may not say much in person, but she never misses the opportunity to send warm wishes and express her kindness through thoughtful text messages.

Until recently, Maribel had never experienced the joy of having her own home. Now, she proudly speaks of being a homeowner, even though her home is just a few feet away from Dilvia's. This newfound sense of ownership and having her own space brings her immense joy and contentment. Sewing occupies much of her day, and Maribel takes pride in her ability to provide for herself through her craft.


  • Meet Nohemy

Nohemy, pronounced No-Em-ee, is a remarkable 34-year-old woman and a loving mother to her three beautiful children, Astrid, Alex and Amy. Nohemy takes great pride in maintaining a meticulously clean and well-kept home. Every dish is in place, and every bed is made, reflecting her dedication and attention to detail.

When One Common Thread first encountered Nohemy, she was facing desperate circumstances. Her bathroom and kitchen lacked concrete floors, leaving her living space less than ideal. Through the support of donations, One Common Thread was able to provide the concrete needed to cover the dirt floors. The addition of the concrete floor has made a significant difference in Nohemy's well-being, providing her with a more comfortable and hygienic living environment.

Nohemy's gratitude extends not only to the concrete floor but also to the opportunity to work and contribute to her family's income. Prior to this, she had been receiving a mere $4 a week from her common-law "husband" for food and household expenses. The work she receives from One Common Thread has been a valuable supplement to her income. Despite the challenges she faces, Nohemy maintains a positive outlook and sees the silver lining in every situation. Her delightful personality and optimistic attitude have endeared her to those who know her.

  • Meet Ingrid

Ingrid has faced many challenges and difficulties along her journey. Despite the hardships, her determination and resilience shine through.

At a young age Ingrid made the courageous decision to separate from those who mistreated her and took steps towards a better life. Returning to her father's house and later immigrating to San Pedro Sula showed her determination to seek a safer and more stable environment.

Becoming a mother to her daughter Dinely was a source of great joy and happiness for her. It's evident that her children mean the world to her, and she has prioritized their well-being and care. Emigrating again to Santa Barbara, Honduras, to escape violence demonstrates her commitment to providing a safer environment for her family.

It's understandable that being alone during her pregnancy was challenging, but she persevered and gave birth to her son Keylor. Her strength as a mother shines through her ability to overcome obstacles and provide for her children.

Building a little house in a bordo, even if it lacks basic amenities like a proper floor, shows her resourcefulness and determination to create a home for her family. As a housewife, she has taken on the important role of caring for her children and maintaining her household.

While her education may have been limited, her experiences and strength as a mother are invaluable. It is evident that she has done her best to navigate the difficult circumstances she has faced and create a better life for herself and her children.

  • Meet Mariana


Mariana's story is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. Losing her husband to a stray bullet was devastating for her and her children. The circumstances surrounding his death and the lack of medical attention only add to the profound sadness of the situation.

Despite facing immense challenges, Mariana has shown incredible strength and resilience in raising her children on her own. Taking in two street children and caring for them alongside her own six children demonstrates her compassion and selflessness.

It is heartening to hear that through her work with One Common Thread, Mariana's living conditions have improved gradually. Your support and donations have made a significant impact in providing her with basic necessities and a more comfortable home. From having a disheveled and unlivable house, she now has a roof over her head, cement floors, an oven, and beds for her and her children. These improvements are crucial in providing a safe and stable environment for her family.

The gratitude Mariana feels for the opportunity to work and support her children is evident. Your donations and the support of others have made a tangible difference in her life. The upcoming addition of a refrigerator will further enhance their quality of life and make it easier for Mariana to provide for her family.


  • Meet Maria Luisa

Maria Luisa's resilience and determination are truly remarkable. Despite her health issues, she continues to contribute to her daughter's work and household chores. It is clear that she possesses an incredible work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility.

Having lived most of her life without a roof over her head was incredibly challenging for Maria Luisa. The hardships she has endured speak to her strength and perseverance. It is evident that she is willing to put in the effort and work tirelessly to improve her family's living conditions.

However, it is important for Maria Luisa to prioritize her health and take the necessary rest that her doctors have advised. As much as her energy and dedication are admirable, it is crucial for her to care for herself and allow her body to recover.

Her presence and contribution to Mariana's sewing work are invaluable. Working together not only provides support for the family but also creates a sense of unity and shared purpose. It is heartwarming to see generations coming together to overcome adversity and support one another.

  • Meet Marilu

Marilu's dedication to both her studies and helping her family is truly admirable. Despite her young age, she takes on significant responsibilities and plays a crucial role in supporting her mother and younger siblings, as well as the two street children they have taken in. It is clear that she is mature beyond her years and possesses a strong sense of determination.

The improvements in their living conditions, such as having a bed, a cement floor, and a roof, are significant and have undoubtedly made a positive impact on Marilu's well-being. Having a comfortable and safe place to sleep and study is essential for her education and overall development.

It's wonderful to hear that Marilu enjoys sewing and wants to contribute to the One Common Thread project. It's a testament to her desire to help her family and be a part of something meaningful. While it's understandable that she also desires a phone, as it has become an essential tool for communication and accessing information, considering a computer for her schoolwork could provide additional benefits and aid in her academic progress.

Marilu's tenacity and drive are commendable. It's important to support her aspirations and provide her with the tools and resources she needs to thrive academically. By nurturing her talents and educational pursuits, she will have the opportunity to create a brighter future for herself and her family.

  • Meet Karin

It's wonderful that Karin has found joy and opportunity through sewing with One Common Thread. Being able to contribute to her family's well-being while pursuing her passion is a significant accomplishment. The support provided by your donations, such as the new roof for her house, has undoubtedly made a positive impact on her living conditions.

Saving for a refrigerator and other supplies to improve her home demonstrates Karin's determination to create a better living environment for her children. Access to basic amenities like a refrigerator can greatly enhance their daily lives by ensuring proper food storage and reducing waste. It's admirable that Karin is actively working towards these goals, and it's through the collective support of initiatives like One Common Thread that she can make progress.

As a young mother raising four boys, Karin undoubtedly faces various challenges. However, her dedication to her family's well-being and her commitment to improving their living situation is commendable. Providing her with the necessary resources and support can help empower Karin to continue making positive changes for herself and her children.

By supporting Karin's efforts, you are not only assisting her in achieving her goals but also helping create a more stable and nurturing environment for her children to thrive in. Your contributions play a crucial role in enabling Karin and others like her to build better lives for themselves and their families. 


  • Meet Marta

 Marta is an incredible individual. By providing Marta with the opportunity to join One Common Thread, open a bank account, and take on her own projects, we have not only empowered her but also helped her realize her entrepreneurial spirit. Her initiative to purchase a refrigerator with her earnings is commendable, as it allowed her to expand her capabilities and explore additional income-generating opportunities.

Marta started a frozen chocolate banana stand from her home and has started another means of generating income, but also a way for her to provide a delightful treat to the children in the slums. It's wonderful to see how she is utilizing her skills and resources to create a positive impact within her community.

  • Meet Maria

Maria's story is a testament to the positive influence of other women in the bordo.  She learned to sew from her neighbor Marta and has enjoyed having a way to make a living on her own. 

By providing Maria with the opportunity to work with One Common Thread, she is not only empowered, she can contribute to her household income , and it has enabled her to balance her responsibilities as a mother. The flexibility to work from home allows Maria to be present for her children while still being able to provide for their needs.

The ability to sew and generate income not only benefits Maria personally but also creates a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency. It's remarkable how a simple skill can transform lives and inspire others to seek similar opportunities.

The impact of Marta's influence on Maria's life highlights the power of role models and the positive changes that can occur when individuals support and uplift one another. By fostering a community of support and sharing skills, One Common Thread is fostering a culture of empowerment and creating opportunities for individuals to improve their lives.

Maria's story is a beautiful example of how the ripple effect of empowerment and support can bring about meaningful change, both on an individual level and within the community.

  • Meet Mercedes

Mercedes's resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit are truly remarkable. It's incredible to see her engaging in various income-generating activities to provide for her family. Her dedication and determination to support her children are evident in her willingness to explore different avenues to make money.

Selling balleadas and making deliveries demonstrate Mercedes's ability to adapt and find opportunities in her local community. These endeavors require hard work and perseverance, but they also showcase her ingenuity and ability to seize opportunities. The image of her with her son on the center bar of her bike exemplifies her resourcefulness in finding ways to balance her responsibilities as a mother and an income earner.

While Mercedes may not sew extensively for One Common Thread, it's heartwarming to hear that she still contributes by sewing hexagons for quilt kits in her spare time.

Her commitment to maintaining a clean and organized home despite the challenges of living in the slums reflects her love and care for her children. It's evident that Mercedes prioritizes creating a nurturing environment for her family, and her efforts are commendable.

Mercedes's story is an inspiration, showcasing resilience, adaptability, and the strength of a mother's love. Her diverse skills and unwavering determination are a testament to her character and the lengths she will go to ensure a better future for her children.

  • Meet Norma

Norma's dedication to supporting her children and grandchildren is evident in her willingness to split her time between different locations and assist her daughter, Mercedes, with her family. Her ability to sew and contribute to One Common Thread not only benefits her financially but also allows her to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for her loved ones.

Receiving a new bed from her earnings is a significant improvement for Norma. It not only provides her with a comfortable place to rest when she is in San Pedro Sula but also serves as a valuable resource for her grandchildren in her absence. It's heartwarming to hear that her grandchildren appreciate and make use of "Abuela's" bed when she is away. This demonstrates the strong bond and gratitude within the family.


  • Meet Kendy

 Kendy's determination and resilience in providing for her large family are truly remarkable. With three children of her own and the responsibility of caring for her younger siblings, she faces many challenges. However, her partnership with One Common Thread has given her the opportunity to improve her living conditions and create a better future for her family.

Saving money for a washing machine demonstrates Kendy's practical mindset and her desire to make her household chores more manageable. With the frequent rain in San Pedro Sula, having a washing machine would significantly ease the burden of doing laundry.

Additionally, Kendy's resourcefulness shines through her ability to build her own brick oven and cook food for sale in the Bordo. This entrepreneurial spirit not only allows her to generate income but also showcases her ingenuity and determination.

The support provided by One Common Thread, such as the cement for a new floor, materials for a new roof, and a flushing toilet, has made a substantial difference in Kendy's life. These improvements contribute to a safer and more comfortable home environment for her family of eight.

  • Meet Maribel

It's heartwarming to know that Maribel has been able to improve her living conditions for herself and her children, through the donations to One Common Thread. Re-roofing her house and putting cement on the floors has made a significant difference in their lives, especially considering San Pedro Sula's tropical climate.

Maribel's eldest daughter, Diana, is actively involved in helping her mother. It's admirable that Diana contributes by sewing and assisting with household tasks. Her upcoming quinceañera, a traditional celebration of a girl's 15th birthday, is an exciting milestone in her life. It's a special occasion that marks the transition from childhood to womanhood, and it's understandable that Diana is looking forward to it.

Maribel's focus on being happy with her family is a beautiful goal. It's important to cherish and nurture those relationships, especially when facing challenges.  Maribel is doing her best to provide for her children and create a positive environment for them.

  • Meet Diana

It all started when Diana set her sights on a simple yet significant improvement to her bedroom—a cement floor. Motivated by her desire to create a better living environment for herself, she embraced sewing. 

To share her story and garner support, Diana and Courtney collaborated on a heartfelt video. They showcased her talent, her dreams, and her aspirations, capturing the hearts of many who were touched by her determination and resilience. Their video resonated deeply, and the response was overwhelming.

Generous souls from around the world were moved by Diana's story and the transformation she sought. Donations poured in, enabling Diana to achieve more than she ever imagined. With the support she received, her humble bedroom underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. A new roof and a solid cement floor became a reality, bringing joy and a renewed sense of hope.

Amidst this incredible journey, Diana remained dedicated to her education. Balancing school and her newfound passion for sewing, she persevered, recognizing the importance of nurturing her mind while pursuing her dreams. With each passing day, her skill and expertise grew, and her commitment to her craft flourished.


  • Meet Teresa

Teresa's story is both inspiring and poignant. Growing up in the bordo, she faced challenges in continuing her education beyond the 6th grade due to financial constraints. Unfortunately, this is a common situation for many women in the slums of Honduras, where the expenses associated with middle school are often difficult to meet.

Nevertheless, Teresa's gratitude for the opportunity to work with One Common Thread is heartening. Through her involvement, she has come to realize the value of women and their ability to contribute to their households' expenses. Teresa's love for cooking and taking care of her daughter shines through, and her goal of seeing her daughter grow up and receive an education is a testament to her determination and aspirations for a better future.

The recognition Teresa received for her adorable pink house in the slums highlights her attention to detail and cleanliness, despite the challenging living conditions. However, it's disheartening to learn that she suffers from health problems as a result of malnutrition during her upbringing in the bordo. The fact that she now has access to much-needed medical care through One Common Thread's efforts is truly significant and undoubtedly brings her a sense of relief and gratitude.

  • Meet Xiomara

Xiomara's story is another testament to the positive impact of One Common Thread on the lives of families in Honduras. Being a 24-year-old mother to her 7-year-old daughter, Julia Estefeny, Xiomara is fortunate to have the support and involvement of her mother, Mariana, and her grandmother, Maria Luisa. It's heartening to see how multiple generations in the family are engaged in sewing including Xiomara's sisters Teresa, Marilu, and Meary.

It's wonderful to hear that Xiomara recently received a new bed and a new roof for her home. These improvements are crucial in providing comfort, security, and protection for her and her daughter.  By providing opportunities for skill development and income generation, One Common Thread is not only helping these women gain financial stability but also fostering a sense of pride, purpose, and self-sufficiency. The ripple effects of their support extend beyond just the individuals involved and impact the entire family, creating a more hopeful and promising future for everyone involved.


  • Meet Zoila

Zoila's message is filled with gratitude and hope, reflecting her determination to create a better life for herself and her children. Despite living in the bordo for 14 years, she remains grateful for the opportunities that have come her way, particularly through meeting Courtney and her family.

Zoila expresses her gratitude to God for putting good people in her path, recognizing the positive impact they have had on her life. Working with Courtney and her family has provided Zoila with a job making quilts, which has become an important source of support for her household. She appreciates the purchases of her quilts, emphasizing that she sews them with love and enthusiasm. Sewing has become both a hobby and a way for her to contribute to her family's well-being.

Zoila's dream is to have her own humble little house one day and ensure that her daughter can complete her studies. She acknowledges the limitations of her own education, having only attended school until the sixth grade, but she remains thankful for the blessings she has received. She recognizes the importance of being part of a group of enterprising women fighters, who are working hard to survive and create a better future.


  • Meet Yacxiri

Yacxiri defies the odds and embraces life's challenges with a radiant smile. At the tender age of 15, Yacxiri has found herself juggling the demands of school, sewing, and battling health issues, yet her spirit remains unyielding.

Yacxiri is a dedicated student, committed to her education and eager to expand her horizons. Every day, she diligently attends school, immersing herself in the pursuit of knowledge and the realization of her dreams. With each passing grade, Yacxiri takes one step closer to her aspirations, determined to make a difference in her own life and those around her.

While education takes precedence, Yacxiri also lends a helping hand to her mother in their sewing endeavors. Whenever she finds a spare moment, she eagerly joins her mother, stitching quilts and contributing to their income. Her nimble fingers worked in harmony with her vibrant spirit, infusing each creation with her youthful energy.

  • Meet Yanderi

Yanderi's situation as a 16-year-old mother is undoubtedly challenging, but it's heartening to hear that she is doing her best to protect and care for her child. The birth of a child is a significant and life-changing event, and it's clear that Yanderi's love and dedication to her baby are evident.

Sewing has been a valuable skill for Yanderi, not only in terms of providing income but also in helping her sustain herself during the period leading up to her baby's arrival. It's commendable that she has found a way to keep herself fed through her sewing work, highlighting her resourcefulness and determination to meet her own needs.

It is our hope that Yanderi finds the support she needs, whether it's through organizations, community services, or the care and assistance of her loved ones. By recognizing her efforts and offering assistance, we can contribute to a more positive and nurturing environment for her and her child as they embark on their journey together.


    • Meet Johanna

    Johana's determination to create a better future for herself and her 4-year-old daughter is commendable. Despite having a 6th grade education, she is grateful for the opportunity to work for One Common Thread, which provides her with an income. This income not only helps meet their basic needs but also allows her to strive for her goals.

    One of Johana's aspirations is to return to school and complete her basic education. This desire to continue learning reflects her commitment to personal growth and self-improvement. By obtaining a high school certificate, she hopes to open doors to better opportunities and provide her daughter with a brighter future.

    A recent motorcycle accident and resulting injury to her common-law husband must have been a difficult time for Johana and her family. It's touching to hear that he continues to assist her with sewing despite his injury. Their mutual support and teamwork demonstrate the strength of their bond and their determination to overcome challenges together.

    Another positive change in Johana's life is the construction of a safer home. Previously, she lived close to the river and faced the constant risk of her home being washed away during the rainy season. However, with the help of One Common Thread, she now has a more secure dwelling perched on the cliffside. Although the house may be small, it's significant that it has cement floors and a new roof, providing better protection and stability for Johana and her daughter.

    •  Meet Mariela

    Mariela's story highlights the challenges she faces due to her limited education but also showcases the immense love and joy she finds in being a mother. At 24 years-old, her son holds a special place in her heart, and his well-being is of utmost importance to her.

    The fear she experiences when her son falls ill is understandable, given her limited resources and educational background. Access to healthcare and medical support is crucial, especially for vulnerable families like Mariela's. It's essential for organizations like One Common Thread to continue providing assistance to families in need, ensuring that they have the means to address health concerns and support their children's well-being.

    The recent improvements in Mariela's home, including a new roof, new floor, and a new oven range, are significant milestones for her and her family. These upgrades bring tangible benefits, such as improved living conditions and a safer cooking environment. Mariela's appreciation for these improvements reflects the positive impact that One Common Thread's support has had on her life.


    • Meet Oneida

    Onayda's involvement in sewing for One Common Thread is a natural progression considering the sewing skills that run in her family. With her sister Mariella, as well as her sister-in-law Maribel, all involved in sewing, it's evident that this craft has become a shared passion and a means of income generation for their households.

    Having regular work through One Common Thread has brought positive changes to Onayda's life. She mentions the enjoyment she finds in the new bed she has been able to purchase, which not only enhances her comfort but also signifies the improved quality of life for her and her family. Additionally, being able to afford milk and food items indicates a positive impact on their overall well-being and nutrition.

    The collective efforts of Onayda, her sister, and her sister-in-law in sewing for One Common Thread showcase the strength of familial support and unity. They are leveraging their skills and working together to create positive changes in their lives.

    By engaging in income-generating activities and accessing regular work, individuals like Onayda gain a sense of empowerment and the ability to improve their living conditions. Onayda has three children and is currently pregnant with twins that are due in December 2023.  Onayda is so grateful to be getting the prenatal care she has never had with her previous pregnancies.  

    • Meet Karen

    At 20 years old, with a three-year-old son named Zayn, Karen expresses her gratitude for having work that allows her to provide regular milk for her son.

    The ability to work from home is a significant benefit for Karen. It allows her to balance her responsibilities as a mother while also earning an income. Being able to take care of her son while working gives her the flexibility she needs to ensure her child's well-being.

    The provision of regular milk for Zayn demonstrates the practical impact of Karen's work with One Common Thread. Adequate nutrition is crucial for a child's growth and development, and the fact that Karen can afford to provide milk for her son on a consistent basis is a positive outcome.


    Though Karen has only received a third grade education she is excited to have work because she has often been overlooked when applying for jobs.  One Common Thread gives her the opportunity to work from home and improve her living conditions.  


    • Meet Geidy

    Geidy's journey has been marked by both difficult trials and moments of joy. At 21 years-old, she is married but does not have any children. While her husband's work is inconsistent, Geidy remains resilient in the face of challenges.

    Losing her child and her father undoubtedly brought immense sorrow to Geidy's life. Such losses can be incredibly difficult to bear, and it speaks to her strength that she has been able to persevere through these heartbreaking experiences.

    On a more positive note, Geidy cherishes the memory of her quinceañera, a special milestone in her life when she turned 15. This celebration holds significant meaning for her and represents a joyful moment that she cherishes.

    Recent improvements in Geidy's living conditions have brought positive changes to her life. Replacing the plastic landscaping tarp she had on the walls of her house with wood siding and having a cement floor in her tiny house contribute to a more stable and comfortable living environment. These upgrades enhance her sense of security and dignity.

    Furthermore, Geidy's purchase of a commercial-style range/grill allows her to cook food and sell it on the weekends. This opportunity not only provides her with additional income but also boosts her self-worth and confidence. Geidy's determination to make the most of her circumstances and find avenues for economic empowerment is commendable.



    • Meet Neidy


    Neidy's role as a mother of three is a source of gratitude and joy in her life. At 38 years-old, she appreciates the opportunity to work and contribute to her family's well-being. Having assisted her sister in sewing, Neidy is excited to embark on her own creative journey and express her unique creations.

    Neidy's children hold a special place in her heart, and they bring her the greatest happiness. Among them, Tito, her oldest child, has graduated from high school and has shown great potential. One Common Thread's assistance in helping him find a job is a significant milestone in his life. This job opportunity enables Tito to save money for his future education at the University of Honduras, demonstrating his determination to pursue higher education.

    Tito's aspiration to learn English, primarily through watching TV, showcases his resourcefulness and commitment to personal growth. His dedication to mastering the language further highlights his drive and ambition. As the eldest sibling, Tito also plays a supportive role in helping his mother provide for his two younger sisters, aged 13 and 6.

    Neidy's story underscores the importance of family support and resilience in the face of challenges. Through her work and the opportunities provided by One Common Thread, she can contribute to her family's well-being and foster a brighter future for her children.



    •  Meet Rosa Guadelupe


    Rosa's journey has been marked by significant challenges, including the loss of her home and belongings in a devastating fire that affected multiple shacks in the bordo in October 2021. Coupled with the ongoing struggles caused by the pandemic, the past year has been particularly difficult for her.

    Additionally, Rosa had taken on the responsibility of caring for her elderly and ill father.  Sadly, he just passed away but it definitely demonstrates her compassion and dedication to her family, as she goes above and beyond to give him dignity and care until the very end.

    Rosa's determination to secure a weedwacker for her oldest son, who is 16, reflects her resourcefulness and desire to empower her children. By providing him with the means to engage in yard work and earn an income, she is instilling a sense of responsibility and work ethic in him. This initiative demonstrates Rosa's commitment to seeking opportunities for her family's financial stability.

    Rosa's story exemplifies the resilience and determination of individuals facing challenging circumstances. Despite the hardships she has endured, she remains a hard worker and an unwavering provider for her children. Her strength and dedication are commendable.

    One Common Thread's support and the income-generating opportunities it provides through sewing play a crucial role in Rosa's journey. By engaging in this work, she not only finds fulfillment but also contributes to the well-being of her family.

    • Meet Clivian


    Clivian's dedication to supporting her three children as a single mother is truly commendable. At 26 years-old, she understands the challenges and responsibilities that come with raising children on her own. While it may be difficult, Clivian considers her boys to be the best thing that have ever happened to her, bringing immense joy and purpose to her life.

    Her journey in education was cut short due to the unfortunate circumstances of her mother's passing, leading her to discontinue her schooling after the fourth grade. Nonetheless, Clivian harbors dreams for her sons to have better opportunities and access to education that she herself did not have growing up. Her oldest son's aspiration of becoming an architect is a testament to the dreams and ambitions that Clivian nurtures in her children.

    Working from home through sewing provides Clivian with a vital source of income to support her family. This employment opportunity allows her to be present for her children while also earning a living. Additionally, Clivian's entrepreneurial spirit shines through her daily sale of tortillas, contributing further to her family's financial stability.

    Clivian's story is a testament to the strength and resilience of single mothers who face numerous challenges while prioritizing their children's well-being. Her determination to provide her sons with opportunities and a brighter future exemplifies her love and dedication as a mother.

      • Meet Yanori

      Yanori's determination to provide for herself and her son is truly admirable. At 24 years-old, she recognizes the importance of sewing quilts as a means to generate income, especially considering the financial challenges she faces. While the father of her son may not consistently contribute financially, Yanori takes it upon herself to ensure that both she and her son have their basic needs met.

      Her son, Alex, attends 2nd grade and returning to in-person school is a positive development in their lives. Yanori understands the value of education for her child's future, and she works even harder to provide for him and create a better life.

      Thanks to the income she earns from sewing quilts, Yanori has been able to make significant improvements to her living situation. Recently re-roofing her home not only offers better protection from the elements but also provides a sense of stability and security. Additionally, acquiring a new refrigerator enhances her ability to store food and meet her family's nutritional needs.

      Yanori's story showcases the resilience and resourcefulness of individuals facing financial hardships. Her commitment to providing for her son and making positive changes in their lives is truly inspiring. Through her hard work and determination, she is creating a better future for herself and her family.

      • Meet Belkis Mirella


      Belkis's journey reflects both the hardships she has faced and the gratitude she feels for the blessings in her life. At 32 years-old, she finds herself in a challenging situation due to her husband's lack of consistent work as a bricklayer, exacerbated by the pandemic. However, she draws strength and comfort from her husband and their daughter, who provide support during difficult times.

      Having completed the 9th grade, Belkis has achieved a significant level of education, and she recognizes the value of learning. Despite the hardships she has faced, she remains resilient and appreciates the love and companionship of her family.

      Belkis's three daughters play an important role in her life.  One is her actual daughter and two are her nieces that she has been raising since they were babies, but she considers them all three her own.  Their presence brings joy and strength to Belkis, highlighting the importance of family bonds in navigating life's challenges.

      The recent purchase of a dining room table, made possible by the support of One Common Thread, brings immense joy to Belkis. This simple addition to her home allows her family to gather around a table during mealtime, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for family dinners. Sharing meals together strengthens their familial connection and provides a sense of togetherness.

      Furthermore, the acquisition of a stove top alleviates the need to cook over an open fire, enhancing Belkis's cooking experience and ensuring a safer and more efficient method of preparing meals for her family.

      • Meet Bersairia

      Bersamina, also known as Bersa to those close to her, is a 38-year-old woman who plays multiple roles in her family. She is a loving mother to two daughters, Fannie (20) and Miriam (19), and a son. Additionally, she has the joy of being a grandmother to a sweet little grandson.

      Bersa and her daughters actively participate in the sewing of hexagons and crafting quilts for One Common Thread. This opportunity allows them to contribute to their household income while showcasing their sewing skills. By working together, Bersa, Fannie, and Miriam engage in a collective effort to support their family and make a positive impact in their community.

      Bersa's dedication to her family and her active involvement in supporting their well-being demonstrate her strength and commitment as a mother and grandmother. By working alongside her daughters, she fosters a sense of unity and collaboration within the family, while also teaching them valuable skills and work ethic.

      • Meet Miriam

      Miriam, at 19 years old, plays a crucial role in supporting her family, which includes her mother, sister, brother, and nephew. Living at home and contributing to their well-being, she exemplifies her dedication and responsibility as a daughter and sister.

      Miriam's journey into sewing began when she was introduced to it by her good friend Belkis. This newfound skill not only provides her with an opportunity to earn income but also showcases her talent and creativity. As she continues to refine her sewing abilities, Miriam has the potential to develop into an even more skilled maker.

      While Miriam currently has a 6th grade education, there is a hope and desire to support her in continuing her education. Education is a valuable asset that can empower individuals and open doors to greater opportunities. By receiving further education, Miriam can expand her knowledge, skills, and prospects for the future.

      By prioritizing her family's well-being and contributing to their support, Miriam demonstrates her selflessness and commitment to her loved ones. Her dedication to being there for her mother, sister, brother, and nephew emphasizes her role as a caring and responsible family member.


      Miriam just recently gained full time employment as a housekeeper at a nearby apartment complex.  This is much needed work and gives her time away from her family with another opportunity to bring in an income.  Miriam can embark on a transformative path, contributing not only to her own personal development but also making a positive impact within her family, community, and beyond.

      • Meet Fannie

      Fannie, at 20 years old, assumes multiple roles and responsibilities within her family. As a young mother to her son Elias, she dedicates her time and energy to caring for him, ensuring his well-being and nurturing his growth.

      Living at home with her mother, sister, and younger brother, Fannie plays an important part in the dynamics of the household. Alongside caring for Elias, she also embraces her passion for sewing, utilizing her skills to contribute to the household expenses. This endeavor not only provides a source of income but also showcases her talent and creativity.

      Despite the numerous responsibilities she carries, Fannie remains grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the household and support her family. Through her dedication and hard work, she exemplifies her commitment to ensuring the well-being of her loved ones. 


      •  Meet Yenci

      Yenci, at 35 years-old, is a dedicated mother of two children. As one of the newer Makers, she brings her sewing skills and passion to contribute to One Common Thread. Although she is not new to sewing, this opportunity has provided her with a stable income and a sense of fulfillment.

      Yenci's common law relationship, while not legally married, has been a significant part of her life. Her partner currently faces unemployment due to the lack of available work opportunities. This situation has brought challenges to their household, making it even more crucial for Yenci to secure employment and provide for her family's needs.

      Yenci has a daughter named Maluvi who was born with crossed eyes.  She has been receiving treatment and we are anxiously excited for her upcoming surgery to fix her eyes in November 2023.  This is all made possible with donations to One Common Thread on the behalf of Maluvi.  

      • Meet Jeimy

      Jeimy, at 20 years-old, is a devoted mother to her one-year-old daughter, Anna Camilla. Her journey as a Maker for One Common Thread began with some initial hesitation, as she didn't find much enjoyment in the work and decided to quit. Recognizing the importance of finding a sustainable source of income with a young child at home, Jeimy soon realized that sewing provided her with the convenience she needed to care for her daughter. She made the decision to return to sewing and has been dedicated to her craft ever since.

      Living in a one-room house that they rent, Jeimy and her common law husband navigate their daily lives within a shared living space, including the kitchen and living room located outside. This arrangement presents its challenges, but Jeimy's determination to provide for her daughter fuels her motivation to work hard and seek opportunities for improvement.

      Through her perseverance and commitment to sewing, Jeimy has been able to witness tangible results. With the income she earned as a Maker, she was able to purchase a new bed—a significant achievement that brings her a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. This bed symbolizes the hard work and dedication she has put into her role as a Maker and the progress she has made in providing for her family.

      Recently, Jeimy was even able to buy materials to build a whole new home for she and her partner and daughter.  The new home is quite impressive and she is excited for her new living situation.  Soon she hopes to be able to purchase a toilet so they can even have a bathroom of their own. 

      As Jeimy continues to sew for One Common Thread, her journey serves as a testament to the potential for personal growth and empowerment that lies within every individual. With her unwavering dedication and the support of the organization, Jeimy can continue to provide for her daughter and create a foundation for a brighter future.

      • Meet Sandra

      In the heart of our One Common Thread family, Sandra, the loving and determined mother of Maker Jeimy, embarked on a transformative journey that would not only change her future but also bring joy and stability to her family. Through the art of sewing hexagon EPP quilts, Sandra found a newfound passion and an opportunity to shape her destiny.

      As she witnessed her daughter's progress and the positive impact that sewing had on their lives, Sandra recognized the potential for her own growth and development. She yearned for the chance to contribute to her family's well-being and create a brighter future.

      With determination and an open heart, Sandra embraced the art of quilting. She immersed herself in the delicate process of piecing together hexagon shapes, carefully selecting fabrics and stitching them with love and precision. Each evening, as the world around her grew quiet, Sandra found solace and tranquility in her sewing practice.



      • Meet Mirna

      Mirna, at 38 years-old, is a devoted mother to her four children. Her journey as a Maker for One Common Thread began when she noticed her neighbor working from home through sewing. Intrigued by the idea of working from home while caring for her young daughter, Mirna decided to embark on her own sewing journey.

      With a household to manage and a toddler to look after, Mirna found the flexibility of sewing hexagons to be a perfect fit for her lifestyle. The ability to watch over her sweet 2-year-old daughter, Ashley, while honing her sewing skills brought a sense of joy and fulfillment to Mirna's life. Through her work, she not only contributes to her family's financial well-being but also nurtures a growing bond with her daughter.

      Living under the same roof as Jeimy, Mirna benefits from the support and camaraderie of her fellow Maker. They share a unique experience of balancing motherhood and work, exchanging tips and stories along the way. This shared connection creates a sense of community and solidarity, as they navigate the joys and challenges of raising children and pursuing their aspirations.

      • Meet Ana Larissa

      Ana Larissa, at 22 years-old, is a dedicated mother to her two children. She recently started sewing with One Common Thread, marking her first meaningful employment opportunity. Completing the 6th grade, Ana Larissa is determined to learn and grow in her new role as a Maker.

      While she has faced challenges in her life, one of the toughest moments for Ana Larissa was the loss of her grandmother. Her grandmother played a significant role in raising her, and her absence left a void in her life. However, amidst the difficulties, Ana Larissa finds immense joy and fulfillment in being a mother to her two children. They are the brightest lights in her life, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

      Through her work with One Common Thread, Ana Larissa aims to create a better future for herself and her children. She is grateful for the opportunity to earn an income and contribute to her family's well-being. Sewing has become more than just a job for her—it is a pathway towards personal growth, financial stability, and creating a brighter future for her children.

      • Meet Ruth Nohemi

      Ruth, at 31 years-old, is a motivated mother with a strong desire to learn new skills. Although she hasn't sewn before, she is enthusiastic about acquiring this skill and loves learning the process. Despite being raised in the bordo, Ruth has managed to receive a good education and graduated from high school with a focus on business administration.

      Unfortunately, Ruth has experienced significant hardships in her life. The collapse of her house during hurricanes Eta and Iota was a devastating loss for her. Additionally, the loss of her brother during her younger years was a deeply tragic event that has had a lasting impact on her. However, amidst the challenges, Ruth finds solace and joy in being a mother to her son. The birth of her child is a moment that holds a special place in her heart as the best thing that has ever happened to her.

      Ruth's determination to learn sewing and her educational background in business administration provide a strong foundation for her journey with One Common Thread. As she expands her skills and knowledge, she aims to create a better future for herself and her child. Through her resilience and commitment to growth, Ruth embodies the spirit of empowerment and overcoming adversity.


      • Meet Ana

      In the small town of Santa Barbara, Honduras Ana was raised by her parents who owned a business,  Ana had a fairly normal childhood. She attended school, but her education was cut short, only reaching the fourth grade. Life took an unexpected turn when Ana fell ill and was hospitalized for a lengthy period of eight months.

      As Ana entered adulthood, she found love and started a family with her husband. Together, they welcomed three beautiful children into their lives. However, tragedy struck when her husband was tragically killed, leaving Ana to navigate the challenges of single parenthood. Despite the difficulties she faced, Ana managed to find strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

      Ana's journey continued as she found love again and started a new chapter with her second husband. With their union, Ana gained three more children, expanding her family further. However, complications arose when her youngest daughter faced high-risk circumstances during Ana's pregnancy requiring Ana to undergo surgery for an ovarian cyst. Thankfully, Ana emerged from the operation successfully, filled with gratitude for her improved health.

      In their household, Ana's husband is the sole breadwinner, carrying the financial responsibility for the family. As they strive to make ends meet, Ana recognizes the need for an additional source of income to support their growing family. Sewing presents itself as a valuable opportunity to contribute to their financial stability.

      Ana's journey has been filled with perseverance and a strong will to provide for her children. In the past, she took on various jobs, washing clothes for others and cleaning houses to put food on the table. These experiences have shaped her determination and gratitude for the opportunity to sew and work with One Common Thread.

      • Meet Angelina

      Angelina, a devoted mother of four children, resides in a modest house that consists solely of a roof, lacking the comfort of walls. Life in the slums of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is filled with challenges and limited resources. Despite the difficult circumstances, Angelina perseveres, driven by her love for her children and the hope for a better future.

      Education has been a privilege that Angelina has only been able to pursue until the 6th grade. However, she possesses a strong spirit and an eagerness to learn, even in the absence of formal education. Angelina understands the value of knowledge and strives to provide the best possible opportunities for her children.

      One of Angelina's children faces additional challenges, as he has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Unfortunately, resources for supporting individuals with special needs are scarce in Honduras compared to other countries. Yet, Angelina remains a tireless advocate for her son, seeking ways to provide him with the care and support he deserves within the limitations of their environment.

      Despite the hardships she faces, Angelina recently accomplished a significant milestone. Through her hard work and dedication, she completed a sewing project, which allowed her to acquire a refrigerator for her home. In the slums of San Pedro Sula, such a luxury is rare, and it symbolizes a remarkable achievement for Angelina and her family. The refrigerator not only enhances their quality of life but also serves as a reminder of the progress they have made.


      • Meet Ingrid

      Ingrid, a determined and ambitious young Maker, embarked on her sewing journey by assisting her aunt and cousin. Despite her tender age, she exhibits remarkable dedication and a strong work ethic. Currently in the 9th grade, Ingrid aspires to continue her education and pursue her dreams with unwavering resolve.

      However, Ingrid has encountered obstacles along her educational path. Her father's job loss has created financial difficulties for the family, rendering it challenging for him to cover her daily bus fare to school. Faced with this predicament, Ingrid has taken it upon herself to find a source of income to ensure she can afford transportation and continue attending school regularly.

      Thanks to the generosity of donations to One Common Thread, Ingrid has received assistance in her endeavor to balance work and education. The organization has provided support, recognizing the importance of prioritizing her studies while also earning an income to meet her transportation needs.

      For Ingrid, maintaining this delicate equilibrium between work and education is no small feat. She is committed to her studies, understanding that education is a gateway to a brighter future. Ingrid's determination shines through as she perseveres, continually seeking opportunities to support herself financially while making sure not to compromise her educational journey.


      • Meet Elba

      Elba, born on August 14, 2000, shares a committed relationship with her partner and is a devoted mother to her three beautiful children. Her youngest, Kimberly, is just 18 months old, while Ruth Nohemy, aged 6, attends kindergarten. Additionally, she cares for her stepson, José, who is 14 years-old and in the 9th grade.

      Elba's husband works as a gardener, and in order to provide the best care for her children, Elba has chosen to pursue sewing as a means of income while tending to her maternal responsibilities at home. Although she may have limited sewing experience, Elba embraces the opportunity to learn and grow in her craft. Sewing allows her to work from the comfort of her home, ensuring she can care for her children attentively without neglecting their needs.

      Education-wise, Elba completed schooling up to the 5th grade, but her determination and resourcefulness shine through her dedication to her family. She recognizes that her economic situation has posed challenges, but her unwavering love for her children and the support of her loving parents are the cornerstones of her happiness and strength.

      • Meet Elizabeth

      Elizabeth, a mother of four children, discovered her passion for sewing when she began assisting her friend, Zoila, with her sewing projects. The income she earned from helping Zoila was not only beneficial for her family but also ignited Elizabeth's interest in sewing as a means of income.

      Motivated by the positive impact it had on her family's well-being, Elizabeth joined One Common Thread as a Maker. This opportunity allowed her to not only work from the comfort of her own home but also fostered a sense of camaraderie as she connected with other Makers and formed friendships within the community.

      By sewing for One Common Thread, Elizabeth found a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The income she earned through her craft enabled her to provide healthier food choices for her children, ensuring their well-being and nourishment. Additionally, being able to work from home provided Elizabeth with the flexibility and convenience to care for her children while still contributing to the household income.



      • Meet Emilia

      Emilia was born in Santa Ana de Aguán, Yoro, had a challenging upbringing with her mother and grandparents. They worked tirelessly in the fields, toiling with beans, coffee, and corn to put food on the table. Emilia's education faced obstacles as she had to travel a long and arduous route, including crossing a river, to attend school. Despite her determination, she had to drop out after the third grade due to the demanding journey.

      Her family later moved to San Pedro Sula, where Emilia's older brother resided. With his support, she enrolled in night school and completed sixth grade. However, financial constraints prevented her from pursuing further education. Tragedy struck in 2011 when her beloved grandfather passed away, leaving Emilia and her mother to work hard for their survival.

      In December 2014, at the age of 19, Emilia married her husband. Joy and anxiety intertwined when their first child was born. He faced serious health complications, requiring an extended hospital stay. The doctors were not optimistic, but Emilia's son defied the odds and recovered against all expectations. This miracle filled Emilia's heart with gratitude and renewed hope.

      Prior to sewing, Emilia sold clothes to contribute to the household income. She cherishes her nine-year marriage to a hardworking and responsible husband who works as a bricklayer. Together, they are the proud parents of three children, and their love and support have been the highlights of Emilia's life.

      While her children and husband bring immense joy, Emilia's path has been marred by the challenges they face. Living in the Bordo, they lack a stable and suitable home for their family, enduring difficulties on a daily basis. However, sewing has provided Emilia with a means to support her loved ones, offering a glimmer of hope in their circumstances.

      • Meet Ana Gabriella

      Ana Gabriela, also known as Gabi, has endured a life filled with hardship and adversity. Her story begins with the abandonment of her father, leaving her and her siblings to be raised by a resilient and determined mother. Gabi was forced to take on adult responsibilities at a young age, working tirelessly by washing clothes for others and selling tamales and used clothes to support her family.

      Tragedy struck when her mother entered a relationship with a stepfather who subjected Gabi to abuse at the tender age of nine. The abuse extended to her mother as well, enduring physical violence at the hands of her stepfather. As Gabi reached sixteen-years-old, she made the courageous decision to leave home, embarking on a challenging journey as she roamed the streets, seeking refuge and assistance from others.

      Unfortunately, Gabi's escape led her into another abusive relationship with an older man, whom she had three children with. The years spent with him were marked by cruelty, as he subjected Gabi to humiliation, physical abuse, and his alcoholism. After enduring twelve years of suffering, Gabi's ex-partner tragically lost his life two years ago, leaving her as a single mother, shouldering the responsibility of raising their three children alone.

      Gabi's life is a constant struggle as she engages in house cleaning jobs and sells underwear to provide for her children's needs. Despite the immense challenges she faces, Gabi remains determined and devoted to giving her children the opportunity for education and a better future. With the help of her unwavering faith, she perseveres each day, knowing that her children's well-being depends on her resilience and strength. Gabi's past has been marked by immense suffering, but she remains hopeful, seeking a brighter tomorrow for herself and her children.

      • Meet Genesis

      Born on September 15, 2023, Génesis faced early hardships as her mother fell ill. In those challenging times, her older sister worked tirelessly to provide for her, ensuring she had milk and diapers. Génesis was fortunate to have her older sister and other siblings who joined forces to support one another, making sure no one went hungry.

      As the years passed, Génesis's family faced even greater difficulties when her sister found himself without a job. It was a tough period, but they persevered, relying on their resilience and unity. Sadly, when Génesis was still a child, her mother passed away, leaving a void in their lives. It was her older sister who stepped up, taking on the responsibility of caring for Génesis and becoming her guiding light.

      Despite the challenges, Génesis remains determined to forge her own path. She set her sights on education and enrolled in school, and has reached the seventh grade. Her dreams are big, as she aspires to graduate and become licensed in business administration someday. Génesis sees education as her ticket to a better future, not only for herself but also to support her sister and siblings.

      With a heart full of hope, Génesis remained determined to overcome any obstacle that came her way. She understands the value of education, the support of her loved ones, and the blessings that came from those who reach out with kindness. Génesis continues to work diligently towards her goals, knowing that with perseverance and gratitude, she can shape her own destiny and create a brighter future for herself and her family.


      • Meet Flor

      From the time she was a baby, Flor earned the endearing nickname "Flower" due to her unruly hair. She had a loving mother who cared for her until she turned four, but her mother's illness took a toll on their family.

      It was at this tender age that Flor's older sister, Kendy, stepped in to become her guardian. At just 16 years old, Kendy embraced the responsibility of caring for Flor and her other siblings. It was a challenging time for the young sister, as she had to navigate the complexities of life without much support from anyone else. However, with unwavering determination and the help of a higher power, they found the strength to persevere.

      Flor's sister, Kendy, became a pillar of strength in her life. She showered Flor with love and care, treating her as if she were her own daughter. Despite the difficulties they faced, Kendy's unwavering commitment to her siblings never wavered. She worked tirelessly to provide for them and ensure that they had everything they needed to thrive.

      As Flor grew older, she found solace and purpose in her studies. She excelled in school and consistently made the honor roll. One Common Thread has provided her family with work, allowing Flor and her sisters to contribute to their household income. With the money she earns, Flor was able to purchase school supplies like pencils, ensuring she had the tools needed to succeed academically.

      Flor has a dream that burns brightly within her heart—to become a primary school teacher and inspire and educate young children. She yearns to make a positive impact on their lives, just as her sister has done for her. With determination and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Flor has set her sights on achieving her dream.

      • Meet Glenda Joana

      Day after day, Glenda works tirelessly, stitching together beautiful creations with unwavering determination. She pours her heart and soul into her craft, taking pride in every stitch and ensuring the quality of her work is impeccable. Through her dedication, she began to earn a steady income that she could invest in building a new home.

      With each dollar she earned, Glenda and her husband started turning their dream into a reality. Together, they meticulously planned and saved every penny, patiently collecting the necessary funds to construct their home from scratch. It was a labor of love, an embodiment of their shared vision for a better life.

      Over time, the couple's savings grew, and they were finally able to commence the construction of their new home. The house gradually took shape, standing as a testament to their hard work and determination.

      Their new home was more than just a structure; it was a symbol of hope and accomplishment. With running water and a proper toilet, it provides the basic amenities that were once a distant dream for Glenda and her family. The walls stood strong, enveloping them in security and comfort, while the roof shelters them from the elements.

      Glenda's heart swells with pride as she looked at the beautiful home she has helped create. It is a testament to her unwavering determination and her commitment to providing a better life for her loved ones. The new home has become a sanctuary, a place where cherished memories are being made and dreams continue to unfold.

      Through hard work, sacrifice, and the income she earned from sewing, Glenda had managed to transform their lives. She had created a haven for her family, a space filled with love, laughter, and the promise of a brighter future. Her dedication and resilience are an inspiration to all who know her, a reminder that dreams can be realized through determination and perseverance.

      • Meet Haydee

      In the bustling streets of Honduras, a resilient woman named Haydee stands as a pillar of strength. Her life has been marred by tragedy, as her husband was taken from her in a devastating incident 15 years-ago. Left as a single mother to raise their seven children, Haydee embarked on a journey of unwavering determination and relentless hard work.

      With unwavering faith and a heart full of love for her children, Haydee rolled up her sleeves and faced the challenges head-on. She took on the laborious task of washing clothes by hand, ensuring that her children had the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, and the opportunity for education. Despite the hardships she encountered, Haydee remained grateful for God's guidance and assistance, acknowledging that they had come this far because of His grace.

      Seeking to provide a better future for her family, Haydee embraced an opportunity to learn the art of sewing. Five days a week, she devoted herself to honing her skills and crafting beautiful creations. Through her diligent efforts, she aspired to bring stability to her household and fulfill her children's needs.

      • Meet Ingrid

      At the age of 15 Ingrid found herself infatuated with a boy, and for six months, their love seemed like a dream. However, as time went on, the boy's true nature was revealed, and he began to mistreat Ingrid. Realizing that she deserved better, she summoned her courage and left him behind.

      Returning to her father's house, Ingrid yearned for a fresh start. Fate led her to another relationship, and for two years, she believed she had found love once again. But alas, history repeated itself as her partner turned abusive. Determined to break free from the cycle of mistreatment, Ingrid mustered the strength to leave yet again.

      Feeling the need to escape the shadows of her past, Ingrid set out for San Pedro Sula, guided by hope and the support of her aunt. Her new home was a modest abode made of plastic and cardboard, but within those humble walls, Ingrid found the resilience to overcome any obstacle that came her way.

      As the years passed, Ingrid's heart found solace in the company of a caring and supportive partner. Their love blossomed, and soon Ingrid discovered the joy of motherhood as she welcomed her daughter, Dinely, into the world. This little bundle of joy became the beacon of light and hope that Ingrid needed during her darkest moments.

      Yet, life's trials persisted. Ingrid's growing family was forced to migrate back to Santa Barbara due to the escalating violence in their previous surroundings. During this time, Ingrid discovered she was once again expecting a child. Despite the challenges that pregnancy presented, Ingrid stood tall, remaining unwavering in her determination to protect and nurture her unborn son.

      While her partner sought opportunities in San Pedro Sula, Ingrid took on the role of a strong and resilient single mother, caring for her children with unwavering devotion. Their struggles led them to a plot of land on the outskirts of San Pedro Sula, where they built a humble dwelling using sheets and plastic, a place they could finally call home.

      Though Ingrid's education had been cut short, her spirit remained unbroken. She found fulfillment in her role as a mother, pouring love and dedication into raising her two precious sons. Ingrid's journey was not an easy one, but her unwavering resilience and unyielding determination allowed her to create a better life for herself and her children.

      • Meet Glenda

      Glenda was born in Santa Barbara, Honduras, on June 11, 1976, Glenda was blessed with a loving family that brought her immense happiness. She cherished the fact that she had been chosen by God to be a part of such a wonderful group of parents and siblings.

      Glenda's life took an unexpected turn when she faced a terrible experience that she prefers not to share. Despite this, she found the strength to carry on. She worked in a factory and one fateful day, as she was leaving work, she fell victim to a violent robbery. She was wounded by three bullets and had to endure a lengthy recovery period of three months and twelve days. During this time, she was unable to work, but her determination never wavered.

      Life had more challenges in store for Glenda as she faced a five-year battle with cancer. Yet, armed with faith, trust in God, and the support of excellent doctors, she overcame this formidable adversary. While still undergoing treatment, Glenda stood tall, refusing to let her illness define her. She felt blessed to be on her feet and appreciated every moment of her life.

      It was during this journey that Glenda discovered a newfound passion for sewing. She learned the art from another Maker, and it became a therapy in her life. The project she embarked on through One Common Thread brought light and hope to her days. Sewing served as an escape from her troubles, allowing her to focus her mind on creating beautiful things. It was a source of solace and rejuvenation.

      However, amidst the trials Glenda faced, she was confronted with another heartbreak. Her husband of 26 years chose to abandon her, shattering her belief in a forever-lasting marriage. This betrayal tested her resilience, yet she refused to let it define her worth. Though the absence of her parents, who had been pillars of support, weighed heavily on her heart, Glenda found strength in the memories they left behind.

      • Meet Irma

      Irma has recently graduated from high school, a significant achievement that filled her with both pride and a sense of responsibility. Irma's heart overflows with love for her grandmother and her uncle, who is deaf and unable to speak. She feels a deep sense of duty to care for them and ensure their well-being.

      Irma resides in a modest one-room house, where three beds and a small cabinet for dishes are the only furniture. It is a humble abode, but it is a place she calls home. Despite the limited space, Irma makes the most of what she has, constantly seeking ways to improve their living conditions.

      To prepare meals and access bathroom facilities, Irma has to make the short journey to her parents' home, just two doors down. There, she finds solace and support, utilizing the resources available to provide for her family. It is a testament to her resourcefulness and determination.

      With a glimmer of hope shining brightly in her eyes, Irma has set her sights on a grand dream – to pass the college entrance exam and pursue higher education. She believes that by obtaining a college degree, she can open doors to a better future, not only for herself but also for her beloved grandmother and uncle.

      Irma understands that the path to her dream would not be easy. However, she has an unwavering spirit and an indomitable will to overcome any challenges that come her way. To support her aspirations, Irma began utilizing her sewing skills to earn an income. Stitch by stitch, she weaves together her dreams, knowing that through her hard work and determination, she can fund her college education.


      • Meet Yahira

      Yahira's story was a testament to strength, love, and unwavering determination.

      Yahira, a devoted mother to her beloved son, longed for an opportunity to showcase her culinary skills and pursue her education. She yearned to provide a better life for her child and support her parents, who were going through a difficult time following the tragic loss of her younger sister just a few months ago. The pain of her sister's passing weighed heavily on her heart, marking it as the darkest moment she had ever faced.

      Yahira and her sisters were born and raised in San Pedro Sula, a city known for its resilience and vibrant spirit. Despite the challenges that life threw their way, Yahira's mother stood as a pillar of strength, determined to give her daughters the best opportunities possible. She worked tirelessly, harvesting corn to ensure there was food on the table for her children.

      Education played a crucial role in Yahira's life. She had the privilege of studying in two schools, embracing knowledge and the power it held. Grateful for her good health, she recognized the value of education as a stepping stone towards a brighter future.

      Yahira's dreams extended beyond her personal aspirations. She envisioned completing the construction of her own home, hand-in-hand with her supportive husband. Together, they yearn to build a haven of love and security for their family. They understand that through honest work and dedicated effort, they can overcome any obstacle that stood in their way.

      • Meet Karla

      Karla was raised by a strong and resilient single mother, Karla understood the value of hard work and perseverance from an early age. Despite the challenges they faced, her mother made sure that Karla received an education, and she successfully graduated with a high school certificate.

      Karla's mother worked tirelessly as a housewife to support their family, and Karla, recognizing her mother's sacrifices, eagerly joined her in the household chores to lighten the burden. Together, they navigated life's obstacles, determined to create a brighter future.

      At the tender age of 23, Karla embraced the joys and responsibilities of motherhood, giving birth to a beautiful son. Unfortunately, the father of her child chose not to take on the responsibilities that come with parenthood. Undeterred by the challenges ahead, Karla courageously embraced her role as a single mother, driven by a deep love for her child and a fierce determination to provide him with a better life.

      The current situation in her country presented Karla with additional hurdles to overcome. With the responsibility of being the head of the household, Karla had to venture out to find work that could sustain her family's needs. As her mother lovingly cared for her son in her absence, Karla searched tirelessly for employment opportunities that would ensure a stable future for her loved ones. However, she faced difficulties in securing a well-paying job that would provide the financial support they needed.

      But Karla's spirit remained unbroken. She refused to be defined by her circumstances and continued to search for opportunities that would allow her to support her mother and son. Her determination and unwavering love for her family served as a beacon of hope, guiding her through the tough times.

      • Meet Lidia

      Lydia is a devoted mother to three beautiful children, and her love for them knows no bounds. Lidia's days are filled with the joys and challenges of motherhood, and she strives to create a loving and nurturing environment for her family.

      To support her husband in providing for their growing family, Lidia turned to sewing as a means of supplementing their income. With a needle in hand and a heart full of determination, she embraces her role as a Maker. Through her skillful stitches, she crafts garments and accessories that carries a piece of her soul.

      Lidia's sewing not only helps financially but also served as an outlet for her creativity and passion. She pours her heart into every piece she's created, infusing them with love and attention to detail. Each stitch representa her dedication to her family and her desire to give them the best life possible.

      Faith plays a central role in Lidia's life. She is a woman of strong convictions, finding solace and strength in her relationship with God. Lidia's unwavering faith inspires her to attend church every Sunday, where she found a community that shares her values and beliefs. In the embrace of her fellow worshippers, she feels uplifted and supported.

      At the church, Lidia offers prayers of gratitude for the success she had achieved through sewing. She recognizes that her talent is a gift from above and has felt blessed to have the opportunity to use it to provide for her family. Her sewing endeavors have became a source of pride and a testament to her unwavering faith.

      • Meet Magda

      Magda possesses a genuine passion for sewing, an art she uses not only to create beautiful pieces but also as a way to serve others. With every stitch, she pours her heart into her work, infusing her creations with love and dedication. Sewing has becpme her sanctuary, a place where she could channel her creativity and bring joy to those around her.

      Living on the edge of the cliff, Magda is surrounded by nature's beauty. The river below offered tranquility and a sense of serenity, a constant reminder of the world beyond her home. Despite the challenges of her location, Magda finds solace in the embrace of her tight-knit community and the support of her newfound family at One Common Thread.

      With her unwavering spirit and compassionate heart, Magda embraces her role as a mother, nurturing her children with love and care. She understands the importance of providing for their needs and works diligently to create a better life for her family. Her sewing skills have become a vital source of income, enabling her to overcome the challenges that came with living in such a precarious location.

      Magda's determination to serve others extended beyond her immediate family. She sees the world with empathy, always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. Her big heart knows no boundaries, and she finds fulfillment in the act of giving, even in the face of her own challenges.

      • Meet Maria Isabel

      In the quaint town of Copán, Honduras Maria Isabel  was born. Tragedy struck when she was merely two years old, as her father passed away, leaving her and her sister without a father figure. Seeking a better life, Maria's mother made the difficult decision to move them to San Pedro Sula, where they found solace in the care of their loving grandparents while their mother worked tirelessly as a house cleaner.

      As the years went by, Maria's family grew, and financial struggles made it increasingly difficult for her to continue her education. She was forced to drop out of school after completing only the first grade. With the expanding size of their family, the challenges multiplied. Maria found herself among nine siblings, navigating the hardships of life together.

      At the age of seventeen, Maria took a leap into marriage. By the time she turned twenty, she welcomed her first child into the world. However, life had more trials in store for her. While grappling with health issues, she received the unexpected news that she was pregnant with her second child. Suffering from kidney stones, Maria faced immense pain, and her pregnancy became high-risk, preventing her from undergoing surgery.

      Despite the challenges, Maria's son was born, but he faced his own health battles. He was born with an imperforate anus, requiring immediate surgery to create two openings for proper elimination. The road ahead was arduous, as Maria underwent her own kidney stone operation, leaving her children in the care of her mother.

      As her son grew older, he required further surgeries to correct his condition. Maria tirelessly worked to secure the funds needed for his medical expenses, engaging in exercises and treatments to help him recover. Despite financial hardships and the inability to afford necessary supplies, Maria persevered. However, when they returned to the hospital, it was discovered that the previous surgery had failed, and another operation was needed.

      Amidst the uncertainty, Maria clung to her faith, seeking divine intervention for her son's well-being. She leaned on the support of her community, acknowledging their prayers and expressing gratitude for their assistance. In her quest to provide for her family, Maria found work sewing quilts and hexagons, a job that brought her immense gratitude. Though her own literacy skills were limited, she wrote her story with the help of her sister, conveying her heartfelt appreciation to her Heavenly Father and the people who provided her with employment.

      • Meet Maria V

      From a young age, María has faced numerous challenges, but her indomitable spirit keeps her moving forward.

      At the tender age of 12, María experienced the devastating loss of her father. Left without his support, she and her three brothers took on the responsibility of providing for themselves. Despite the hardships, María's determination pushed her to continue her education, attending school until sixth grade.

      With a drive to support herself, María embarked on a new journey at the age of 15, working as a house cleaner. The long hours and demanding tasks were a testament to her unwavering work ethic and determination to make a better life for herself.

      Life took another unexpected turn when María found herself expecting her first child. Sadly, the father of her child abandoned them upon learning of her pregnancy. Undeterred by this setback, María persevered and worked tirelessly to support herself and her unborn child, taking care of children to earn a living.

      When her daughter was born, María's path crossed with the father of her two younger children. They embarked on a decade-long journey together, but the relationship was plagued by difficulties, eventually leading to their separation. María faced the challenges head-on, determined to provide a stable and loving environment for her children.

      Tragedy struck again when María's beloved mother passed away three years ago. The loss was deeply painful, and María had to summon all her strength to overcome the grief and continue on her journey. However, life had more tests in store for her.

      A devastating fire engulfed María's home, taking away everything she had built through hard work and determination. With her resilience and unwavering spirit, María refused to be defeated. She picked up the pieces and started afresh, determined to create a safe and secure space for her family once again.

      In the face of adversity, María's daughter also suffered an electrocution accident. It was a harrowing experience that left her in the hospital for two agonizing days. Yet, with gratitude in her heart, María thanked God for her daughters's recovery and remained steadfast in her determination to protect and care for her children.

      Amidst the challenges, María found love once again. Her new partner stood by her side, offering support and occasional assistance with food. Together, they faced the hardships that life in their country presented, knowing that unity and love would help them overcome any obstacle.


      • Meet Olga

      She and her husband reside on a property that does not belong to them, but they took on the challenging responsibility of being guards. Their primary task is to protect the land from encroachment by people from the slums, who seek to build makeshift homes on the property.

      Living in such a dangerous environment is no easy feat, but Olga and her husband understand the importance of their role. They are determined to keep their neighborhood safe and secure, despite the risks it posed to their own well-being. Every day, they remained vigilant, ready to confront any potential threats that might arise.

      Within the confines of their tiny home, Olga takes pride in the recent addition to their household—a brand-new refrigerator. It stands as a symbol of their hard work and perseverance, a tangible reminder of their ability to provide for their family. Despite the limited space, Olga's tiny home accommodates herself, her husband, and their two children. It may be modest, but it was a place they call their own—a sanctuary amidst the challenges of their surroundings.

      As they navigate their daily lives, Olga and her husband hold onto their dreams of a brighter future. They aspired to improve their living conditions, to find stability and safety in a city notorious for its dangers. The refrigerator serves as a small but significant step toward that goal—a symbol of progress and a reminder of their resilience in the face of adversity.

      • Meet Yesenia
      Yesenia is a devoted mother, a diligent storekeeper, and an aspiring Maker with One Common Thread. Yesenia's days are filled with juggling multiple responsibilities, but her unwavering determination and love for her family fuels her every endeavor.

      Yesenia's humble abode is a small, cozy room that serves as a sanctuary for her, her husband, and their children. The walls hold the echoes of laughter and love, as they fin joy in their close-knit quarters. Just outside their home, Yesenia has set up a little tienda, a tiny store, that offers essential items to the neighborhood.

      From dawn till dusk, Yesenia tirelessly manages her store, ensuring that it is well-stocked with the basic necessities of life. The colorful shelves displayed an array of goods, from grains and toiletries to school supplies and household essentials. Through her store, Yesenia not only provides for her own family but also became a vital source of support for the community around her.

      Amidst the daily responsibilities of running her store, Yesenia discovered solace and joy in the art of sewing. With a sewing tucked away in a corner of her shop, she immerses herself in creating beautiful pieces during her spare moments.