Family Photos

Here are just a few family pictures we took of our ladies and their families by their homes in the slums. As our relationship grows closer I’ve realized so many of them did not have any family photos. Some had a few blurry ones taken on old phones but no one had anything framed to be displayed. Since at One Common Thread we aim to empower the women, so they can then strengthen their families, we thought taking family portraits would be a great reminder of what this work is all about. Our stories are so similar no matter where we live. That’s the one common thread that knits us all together and reminds us what a small world we live in. Many of you have shared great ideas, sent fabric, and have donated to our Venmo @onecommonthread or purchased from our Etsy. Store (link in bio) Please continue to do those things and most of all share our stories with others through social media, friends, & others you think would want to help. We will have some new ready made items and some smaller baby blanket flannel quilts coming out in the next week or so, so stay tuned. All I can say is that your help has truly aided these amazing people. And they are inspiring each other to work harder, for the men to find more work and for them all to see hope. Hope and love can truly change people. Thank you for the hope and love you’ve shared with us!! Let’s keep moving forward!!!

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