Texas Baby, A Finished Quilt
Texas Baby, A Finished Quilt
Texas Baby, A Finished Quilt
Texas Baby, A Finished Quilt
Texas Baby, A Finished Quilt

Texas Baby, A Finished Quilt

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Handmade quilt by women in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


This fun Texas baby sized quilt is so fun and a perfect decor piece for the Texan in your life.  It is so fun with the fire on the bottom and smoke on the top flag showing off that Lone Star of Texas!  This stunner was made by Rosa Guadalupe.  

Rosa's journey has been marked by significant challenges, including the loss of her home and belongings in a devastating fire that affected multiple shacks in the bordo in October 2021. Coupled with the ongoing struggles caused by the pandemic, the past year has been particularly difficult for her.

Additionally, Rosa had taken on the responsibility of caring for her elderly and ill father.  Sadly, he just passed away but it definitely demonstrates her compassion and dedication to her family, as she goes above and beyond to give him dignity and care until the very end.

Rosa's determination to secure a weedwacker for her oldest son, who is 16, reflects her resourcefulness and desire to empower her children. By providing him with the means to engage in yard work and earn an income, she is instilling a sense of responsibility and work ethic in him. This initiative demonstrates Rosa's commitment to seeking opportunities for her family's financial stability.

Rosa's story exemplifies the resilience and determination of individuals facing challenging circumstances. Despite the hardships she has endured, she remains a hard worker and an unwavering provider for her children. Her strength and dedication are commendable.

One Common Thread's support and the income-generating opportunities it provides through sewing play a crucial role in Rosa's journey. By engaging in this work, she not only finds fulfillment but also contributes to the well-being of her family.

high-quality thread, cotton fabrics for quilt top, minky or velvet fabric backing.

34" x 50" 

Predominant Colors
Red, White and Blue; Navy velvet backing

Beautifully hand-stitched hexagon quilt. Majority of fabric is donated and proceeds employ women living in poverty in the "bordos" of San Pedro Sula, Honduras