Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt
Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt
Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt
Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt
Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt
Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt
Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt

Plaid Pleasures, A Finished Quilt

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Handmade quilt by women in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Jocelin made this quilt called, Plaid Pleasures.  Jocelin's story is marked by both immense challenges and moments of resilience. As a mother of seven children, she works hard to support her family alongside her husband, who is employed in repair and improvement work. Although his daily wage of $20 helps sustain the family, a significant portion is spent on transportation due to the long commute.

Jocelin's involvement with sewing provides her with additional income, but her primary focus remains on caring for her children. Tragically, her youngest son, 18 month-old Oliver, lost his life in a drowning accident, leaving Jocelin to cope with profound grief and depression. The loss of a child is an unimaginable tragedy, and Jocelin's struggles with depression highlight the emotional toll she has endured.

The threats of gang violence forced Jocelin's family, along with 28 others, to flee the Bordo in 2020 for the sake of their safety. The danger they faced prompted a harrowing escape in the middle of the night, seeking refuge away from the violence and potential harm to their daughters. With the support of One Common Thread and the generosity of donors, Jocelin's family was able to build a new home in the countryside, away from the immediate threats they faced.

However, their challenges did not end there. The devastating hurricanes Eta and Iota of 2020 wreaked havoc on their newly built home, subjecting it to severe flooding. These additional hardships have tested Jocelin's resilience and strength as she continues to navigate the difficulties that life has thrown her way.

Jocelin's story serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination exhibited by individuals facing adversity. Despite the unimaginable loss and the constant struggles, Jocelin continues to persevere for the well-being of her family. The support provided by One Common Thread and the community it fosters offers a glimmer of hope amidst the difficulties, providing Jocelin and her family with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives and find stability once again.

high-quality thread, cotton fabrics for quilt top, soft fabric backing.

38" x 42"  Many flannel and cotton fabrics used in this quilt

Predominant Colors
Red, Black, White, Yellow and Various Other Colors; Cream Velvet backing

Beautifully hand-stitched hexagon quilt. Majority of fabric is donated and proceeds employ women living in poverty in the "bordos" of San Pedro Sula, Honduras