Coral Reef, A Finished Quilt
Coral Reef, A Finished Quilt
Coral Reef, A Finished Quilt
Coral Reef, A Finished Quilt
Coral Reef, A Finished Quilt

Coral Reef, A Finished Quilt

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Handmade quilt by women in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Lydia is a devoted mother to three beautiful children, and her love for them knows no bounds. Lidia's days are filled with the joys and challenges of motherhood, and she strives to create a loving and nurturing environment for her family.

To support her husband in providing for their growing family, Lidia turned to sewing as a means of supplementing their income. With a needle in hand and a heart full of determination, she embraces her role as a Maker. Through her skillful stitches, she crafts garments and accessories that carries a piece of her soul.

Lidia's sewing not only helps financially but also served as an outlet for her creativity and passion. She pours her heart into every piece she's created, infusing them with love and attention to detail. Each stitch representa her dedication to her family and her desire to give them the best life possible.

Faith plays a central role in Lidia's life. She is a woman of strong convictions, finding solace and strength in her relationship with God. Lidia's unwavering faith inspires her to attend church every Sunday, where she found a community that shares her values and beliefs. In the embrace of her fellow worshippers, she feels uplifted and supported.

At the church, Lidia offers prayers of gratitude for the success she had achieved through sewing. She recognizes that her talent is a gift from above and has felt blessed to have the opportunity to use it to provide for her family. Her sewing endeavors have became a source of pride and a testament to her unwavering faith.


high-quality thread, cotton fabrics for quilt top, minky or velvet fabric backing.

56" x 58"

Predominant Colors
Greens, Creams Yellow and Various Other Colors; Pink Minky backing

Beautifully hand-stitched hexagon quilt. Majority of fabric is donated and proceeds employ women living in poverty in the "bordos" of San Pedro Sula, Honduras