All We've Ever Made

We feel an affinity to each quilt because they each have a story that we never want to forget.  So here is a list of past quilts and creations our makers have made, so we never forget the people who made them.


Two Of Hearts, Framed Decor, September 2019


Be Prayerful, January 2020


Miss You, January 2020


Be True, A Baby/Comfort Quilt, February 2020


Vintage Flower Garden #1, May 2019


All the Stars Are Snowflakes, February 2020


Stars In the Night, February 2020


Another Scattered Sunshine, January 2020


Lydia's Unicorn, March 2020


Wreath In Bloom, January 2020


For Colton & Caryn, December 2017


UnPredictable Harmony, February 2020


Vintage Flower Garden, February 2020


Nataly's Purple Passion, March 2020


Close Your Eyes and I'll Kiss You, A Baby/Comfort Quilt March 2020


Scattered Daisies, March 2020


Baby Love, March 2020


Courtney's Roadtrip Quilt June 2018


Flowers in Your Hair, March 2020


Merry Christmas, Framed Decor September 2019


America the Beautiful, March 2020


Wild Raspberry, March 2020


Joy In the Journey, March 2020


God Bless Texas, March 2020


Flowers and Bees, January 2020


Karol's Quilt, October 2019


For Bailey & Taylor, January 2020


Nothing But Love, September 2019


Red Target, June 2019


Yellow Maze, June 2019


Plum Perfect Flannel, June 2019


Red Lightening, June 2019


Scattered Sunshine Scrap Quilt, May 2019


Family Memory Quilt #3, July 2019


Family Memory Quilt #2, May 2019


Family Memory Quilt #1, April 2019


Pina Framed Decor, October 2019


My Heart Framed Decor, November 2019


Diane's Quilt, November 2019


For Leah, March 2020


Mountain's Night, October 2019


Rustic Earth, October 2019


Olas, The Wave November 2019


Pops of Color, October 2019


Lavender Lady, October 2019


Rustic Beauty, November 2019


Ocean Breeze, A Wall Hanging October 2019


A Lone Heart, November 2019


First Bloom, A Wall Hanging October 2019


City Girl, A Wall Hanging, October 2019


Blue Plates, November 2019


Flowers In Bloom, October 2019


Brightness of Hope, October 2019


Spring Stars, December 2019


Myrna's Flower, October 2019


Love, Framed Decor, October 2019


Pina Amor, November 2019


Aztec Flower, December 2019


Sweet Dreams, A Baby Quilt October 2019


Amish Imperfections, November 2019


Central American Sunrise, November 2019


Vintage Flower Garden, March 2019


Vintage Soul, December 2019


Scattered Showers, January 2020


Counting Stars, A Baby/Comfort Quilt November 2019


Sweetheart Baby/Comfort Quilt November 2019


Cotton Tail, A Baby/Comfort Quilt October 2019


Aquamarine, A Baby/Comfort Quilt October 2019


Skater Baby, A Baby Quilt November 2019


Pink Zigs, A Baby Quilt October 2019


Born On The Fourth of July, November 2019


Tender Target, A Baby/Comfort Quilt December 2019


Blue River Nights, A Baby/Comfort Quilt February 2020


Sea of Swirls, A Baby/ Comfort Quilt February 2020


Happy Russian Nesting Dolls, A Baby/Comfort Quilt March 2020


Abstract Tangled Hearts, A Baby Quilt, March 2020


Tropical Talents, January 2020


Strength of Grace, December 2019


Rocky Mountain High, December 2019


Queen of Earth and Water, December 2019


Chiara's Smile, A Baby Quilt January 2020


Sweet Baby Boy, A Baby Quilt March 2020


Caribbean Dreams March 2020


Lois' Flower Garden (a memory quilt) March 2020


A Gift for Norma