Tales of Canterbury, A Finished Quilt
Tales of Canterbury, A Finished Quilt
Tales of Canterbury, A Finished Quilt
Tales of Canterbury, A Finished Quilt
Tales of Canterbury, A Finished Quilt

Tales of Canterbury, A Finished Quilt

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Handmade quilt by women in San Pedro Sula, Honduras


Nohemy's quilt is a testament to her creativity and skill as a maker. The intricate flower diamond design showcases her attention to detail and artistic flair.

At just 27 years old, Nohemy is a devoted mother to her three children: Astrid, Alejandro, and baby Amy. Despite the challenges she faces, including living in a tiny home with chickens freely moving about, Nohemy finds happiness in the opportunity to sew with One Common Thread and provide for her children.

Nohemy's life is marked by hardship and difficulties, which are not extensively shared on social media or the internet. However, she is grateful for the chance to be part of the One Common Thread community, where she can sew and earn an income to support her family.

Before she started sewing, Nohemy and her children relied on a meager weekly budget of $4 for their food expenses. The opportunity to earn an income through sewing has undoubtedly made a significant difference in their lives, providing them with the means to meet their basic needs.

Nohemy's resilience and determination shine through her work as a maker. Each stitch in her quilt represents her commitment to her children's well-being and her unwavering love for them.

Her story serves as a reminder of the daily struggles that many mothers face in providing for their families. Despite the adversity, Nohemy's dedication and the support she receives from One Common Thread offer hope for a brighter future.

Through her involvement with One Common Thread, Nohemy not only creates beautiful quilts but also contributes to a community of makers who uplift and empower each other. Her quilt is not just a work of art but a symbol of her strength, love, and resilience.

high-quality thread, cotton fabrics for quilt top, minky or velvet fabric backing.

53" x 57"

Predominant Colors
Blue and White; Blue Minky backing

Beautifully hand-stitched hexagon quilt. Majority of fabric is donated and proceeds employ women living in poverty in the "bordos" of San Pedro Sula, Honduras