Two Hexagon PPE Mask Kit #2, 40 pieces
Two Hexagon PPE Mask Kit #2, 40 pieces
Two Hexagon PPE Mask Kit #2, 40 pieces

Two Hexagon PPE Mask Kit #2, 40 pieces

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In our efforts to get as much money back to the people of Honduras as we can, we are listing the costs of each item and you will only be taxed on that total cost.   Any amount you decide to pay above the cost will be a donation and not taxed.  

This items cost is $5.26  A donation for $5.26 or more would be a wonderful blessing to these women.  You are also welcome to make your donation anything you'd like under the “Donation” category at checkout.

Pre-sewn Hexagons for 2 PPE Hexagon Masks, 40 pieces
Unique, ready to piece and sew wall hanging kit

Your kit comes with:
⎔ 40 1.5" hexagons handmade by women in Honduras. It only takes 38 hexagons to complete TWO PPE Hexagon Masks

⎔ detailed instructions on how to piece and sew your kit

⎔ colorful pattern
⎔ 10.5" round lining piece

⎔ four stretchy ear straps

Predominant Colors found in kit:
Pink, White and Yellow

Chevron Print Lining

*Each hexagon is made from scrap material, but contains certain predominant colors. Majority of fabric is 100% cotton.

Your purchase helps us to create sustainable funding to hire women living in poverty in Honduras. As is the case with any quilt, this is a labor of love and we appreciate your support in helping mothers and daughters living in poverty in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Do us a favor and post your finished product to Instagram and tag us! @onecommonthreadquilts