How to Create Hexagon PPE Masks

How to Make a Hexagon Mask
1) Measure out a piece of fabric 10" circle for adults 8" for children. This piece is the lining of your mask.
2) Sew together your hexagons so they are the same size and dimension as your circle. For a 10" circle that is 7 hexies across and 7 down. (like pattern shown)
3) Take all of the paper of the hexagons. Iron your hexagon and linging pieces.
4)Fold the circle piece of fabric and the hexagon sewn fabric into 1/4ths and then cut.
5) Take two of the hexagon cut pieces and sew them together on the rounded edge. Do the same with the solid piece of fabric. Look for any holes in your hexagon piece and tighten those up.
6) Match up the solid lining sewn piece with the hexagon sewn piece and sew the border leaving a small space to turn it inside out after sewing.
7) Turn piece inside out. I like to iron again at this step.
8) Sew together space that you used to turn it inside out. Make sure to fold in the seam. You can hand sew this or machine sew it.
9) I like to sew one seam down the center of the mask so the lining and the hexagon piece are connected and lining doesn't suck into your nose when you breathe.
10) Put the nylon straps on each side of the mask. Fold over the sides and sew down the fold.